In order to avoid a crowded living space, we make sure to offer two bathrooms when an apartment has four or more residents. This way, no one’s waiting in a line for the bathroom in the morning when they’re trying to get to class on time.


We offer our students the best internet provider in Italy because we know the importance of staying digitally connected. This ensures easy access to online homework, communication with family and loved ones, directions for navigating the city, and so much more.


A washing machine and drying racks are provided in each apartment because students’ time should be spent doing things other than commuting all the way to an external laundromat.


Our television equipped lounges are the perfect space for students to catch up with one another at the end of the day, work on homework, and just relax.


Rome is a very warm city during certain times of the year. It’s important to us that the daunting heat isn’t something distracting your students from homework or sleep.


For each resident, we supply two sets of linens. This means that each student gets two sets of towels, and two sets of bed sheets so that no one is ever left empty handed on either while one set is in the wash.


Sometimes cell phones can be unreliable in addition to temporary international phone plans made while abroad. By supplying each apartment with a phone, we believe that this is an important measure taken to ensure students’ safety, and ability to communicate within their new city.


There is no better way for students to learn about Italian food and cuisine than having a fully equipped kitchen to practice their culinary skills themselves. We leave no utensil or appliance out to make this cultural learning experience easy and exciting.

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