Elisabeth Pettersson (Founder)

Student Housing in Rome was founded by Elisabeth Pettersson in 2013. She began her working experience in the housing business in 1995 after coming to Florence, Italy as a study abroad student from Sweden. Learning firsthand how it was to be a study abroad student in Italy changed her plans for the future. Through her experience and seeing the lack of support the students had in housing, she became the co-founder of the International Initiatives Company in 1996, and followed the company until 2007. In 2007, Elisabeth started the student housing company, Your Place in Rome, and left them in 2013 to become the passionate founder of Student Housing in Rome. Her goal is to be sensible to all of the requests that come across the daily lives of students studying abroad, and most importantly provide a personal touch to their home away from home.

“When students arrive from another country to Rome, they are not only changing culture, but also their “home”.  As once a Study Abroad student myself, I know all these small things that are different and I know what it means to have to deal with them every day not knowing how they work or who to ask. When I choose an apartment, furnish and set it up, I always do it with the thought and heart of living there myself. To have a safe place and assistance for daily matters as maintenance or just to have the possibility to call and ask how things work, will enrich your students’ Study Abroad experience a lot.  My goal is to let them enjoy their stay living in an Italian surrounding with Italian neighbors, carefree about problems that can happen in the apartment.”

“I love my job; to understand and help out in varies situations that can arise; It’s such an amazing reward to see happy students. “

Davide Foggia (Office Assistant)

I work as Office Assistant at SHR, my job consists in organise all the activities needed to prepare the apartments before the students arrival, organise the arrival day and be careful about the students requests in their daily life once they are here. Coming from other countries and from different cultures is difficult, so it’s important that all the students feel comfortable like home.
“I have always been an active person, I love sports, arts and photography. I started working at 18 years old for personal reasons and professional growth, but I didn’t give up on studying and I achieved my Bachelor’s Degree in “Economia e Gestione Aziendale” in 2018. After graduation I started working in a little Boutique Guest House as receptionist, front and back office for one year until arriving here at SHR.”

The Student Housing world opens your mind.

Pia Goransson
(Office Assistant)


Matteo Tassinari
(Office Assistant)

(Cleaning Staff)

(Cleaning Staff)

(Cleaning Staff)

(Cleaning Staff)

(Cleaning Staff)

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