Transportation Times
Buses 5:00 am to midnight
Metro lines A, B, and C 5:30 am to 11:30 pm, until 1:30 am on Saturdays
Trams 5:30 am to midnight
Trains Check times!
Taxis Anytime

If you want to take taxi go for the white ones (the only licensed taxi service)

Busses are not always on time, they could run late depending on the daily traffic. 

Public transportation in Rome includes a large bus network with an even simpler metro network to follow. Additionally you can use trams or trains.  You can check bus stops, departure schedules, and route information on bus poles on every bus stop.

Regular Bus tickets last 100 minutes, or you can purchase 3-day/one week/ monthly tickets. 

More info can be found online at Atac Roma Transport

Where to buy

Tabacchi shops. These are basically 7-Eleven looking type shops that are open past midnight. If not purchasing a Roma Pass, you can buy transportation tickets that cost 1.50 € for 100-minutes of bus, tram, or metro. Train cost depends on the destination. All tickets can be purchased at newsstands, bars, or ticket machines inside the metro station. 

Train Passes

It’s best advised to purchase your train passes ahead of time so the cost will be much lower than waiting until the last minute. These three websites are the standard ones to use online:


  • Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci)
  • Ciampino

Fiumicino is Rome’s main airport and is connected to the center by an express train (Leonardo express). The one way pass should cost around 9 euros. The regular Rome ticket does NOT include the train pass to the airport.

There are busses that go straight to the airports. Check out Terravision and bus shuttle in Rome.