Ostiense / Roma 3

Garbatella is the youngest residential and popular area of Rome, in the Ostiense district, near the Basilica of Saint Paul outside the Walls. It developed on the southern outskirts of the city in the Twentieth century. It was originally conceived as a port workers and their family’s residential quarter. The King Victor Emmanuel III laid […]

Prati / San Pietro

In the first century BC a bend of the Tiber River went by the name of Prata Neronis (“prata” stands for ‘meadows’ in Latin) following Christians martyrdom under Nero in those shores. It subsequently changed its name to “Prata Sancti Petri” in the Middle Age and then to “Prati di Castello”, for it was close […]


Trastevere is rione XIII of Rome, otherwise known as its 13th district and its name derives from the Latin “trans Tiberim”, meaning literally: “Beyond the Tiber”. It’s ancient logo was a golden head of a lion on a red background, symbolized probably the pride of the quarter and the blood of the martyrs of the […]


A 5002 mile city with nearly 5,000,000 residents, Rome is huge. This is why our apartments are strategically located within the Roman neighborhoods of Trastevere, Garbatella, and Prati. By situating our apartments in these three areas, they are not only within walking distance of most university campuses, but are selected with your students’ safety in […]


   Bathroom In order to avoid a crowded living space, we make sure to offer two bathrooms when an apartment has four or more residents. This way, no one’s waiting in a line for the bathroom in the morning when they’re trying to get to class on time.    Wi-Fi We offer our students the […]

Apartments Tours

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Included Services

All the apartments are equipped with unlimited access to internet Wifi or cable, there will be always a landline telephone which allow local/national calls. Unlimited incoming calls may be received worldwide without incurring any additional cost. In every apartment you will find TV, washing machine, fans, and there will be a weekly cleaning service to […]

Optional Extras

For the Students Laundry Service Pick-up and delivery of laundry. Shuttle Service Shuttle service to/from airport, but also buses for groups of students. Fans & A/C There is a possibility to have mobile A/C units in the apartment or extra fans. PC Assistance If students have problems with their lap-top, a technician will be sent […]

Banks & Money

The first thing you should do is find one of the major banks in Rome. There are plenty. You’ll find even more local banks around. However, these local banks are not your best option because they may charge more than those of major banks. If you need to exchange US dollars, look around to find […]

Groceries & Food

In Rome, there are supermercati and mercati. Supermercati are just like what you would expect, a supermarket that’s indoors with air conditioning and lots of packaged goods like you would find in the United States. Mercati are usually open-air markets or farmer markets with mostly local produce. This consists mainly of meats, cheese, and bread. […]