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    Housing Fees:

    Type of Accommodation


    Shared Apartment

    Double Room

    Single Room

    Apartment 2-bdr

    Max 4 Person 1 Bathroom

    Apartment 3-bdr

    Max 6 Pers 2 Bathrooms

    *Gas, Water, Electricity and Basic Services are included in the Fee.

    I would like to book my accommodation:

    Single Room (Apartment with single/double rooms sharing bathrooms and kitchen)Double Room (Apartment with single/double rooms sharing bathrooms and kitchen)Apartment

    Notes for Accommodation:

    • Housing Check-in: Sunday before the start of the course, from 2 PM to 10 PM. For arrivals after 10PM there is an extra charge of 25€.

    • Housing Check-out: Saturday morning at the end of the course, until 10AM.

    • Different arrival or departure days only by special arrangements and on extra charge.

    • Double rooms can be booked only by two participants of a language course traveling together or by a participant accompanied by her/his friend.

    • Shared apartments: Bed-linens are provided and changed every two weeks or, in alternative, upon arrival each student will be given a set of bed-linens and two set if they stay for a longer period.

    A cash deposit of 100€ is required to get the keys of your apartment accommodation. This deposit will be returned upon check-out with the deduction of damages, repairs and cleaning costs if needed.

    • Towels are not provided, please bring your own towels.

    • Payment for accommodation must be made in advance by bank wire transfer at:

    Attention: After sending the request form you will receive an email with the booking confirmation and the address of your apartment. From that moment you have five days to pay the fee.

    Do not pay the fee before having the address confirmation!

    Banca Popolare di Sondrio

    Account: SHR s.r.l.

    Iban: IT90Z0569603233000002485X30


    Bank transfer description:  Leonardo da Vinci Housing (name & surname and housing option)

    Your accommodation will be confirmed by mail on received payment.

    • Maintenance: SHR will take care for general maintenance and upkeep of the space. SHR provides a ticket system to response and servicing to student requests. Maintenance staff will respond to the requested repairs or issues as soon as possible (within 48 hours).

    • Cleaning: SHR will provide a cleaning service once a week. The cleaning service includes a general cleaning of the floors, bathrooms and kitchen, excluding dishwashing and laundry.

    • Internet: Every apartment will have a common area Wi-Fi.

    • Support line: Immediate 24/7 support for all emergencies.

    Terms & Conditions:

    • Use of Rooms: Rooms may be used only as private living accommodation and for purpose of study.

    • Visitors: No student may have extra people living in their rooms not authorized by SHR.

    • Common Areas: Shared used of common facilities as Living room, Bathrooms and Kitchen.

    • Student Shall:

    • Care of Space: Take care of the space and surrender the same in god order and in as good condition as received, reasonable wear and tear accepted. SHR shall have the right after having first given reasonable notice, to enter and to inspect the space provided, if necessity occur.

    • Compliance: Conform and comply with all laws, regulations and ordinances of the city of Rome.

    • SHR Regulation: Abide by SHR Policy to a nonsmoking and no drug environment.

    • Student Shall Not:

    • Damages: Damage the space or furnishing (including common areas), aside from reasonable wear and tear. If such loss or damage does occur student will be billed for repair or replacement costs.

    • Alteration: Student shall not make any material alteration in the space without express written permission from SHR. Shall not do or permit the doing anything that shall constitute a fire or health hazard.

    • Shall not permit the accumulation of waste and refuse with the space.

    • Shall not have anti-social behavior such as drunkenness, disorderly conduct, unnecessary noise, nor disregard of hours of silence and condominium rules.

    Violation of these terms and condition by student may be considered sufficient reason for disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, dismissal from SHR property.

    • Liability: Excepts as caused by acts or omission of SHR, students explicitly exempts SHR from any liability for any direct or indirect harm to a student who has reserved housing. SHR will not, under any circumstances, accept any liability arising out of, or in any way connected with the use and occupancy of the apartment, including, but not limited to, injury, damages or losses from fire, theft or criminal activity or from the fault or negligence of the tenants in the apartment. SHR is not liable for any consequential damage.

    Except caused by the acts or omission of SHR, SHR also expressly disclaims all liability for any suspension or deficiency of service and facilities, above those made necessary by maintenance and repair facilities, or due to strikes or other causes not related to the company, subject to provisions.

    • Guarantee: SHR undertake the responsibility to find replacement housing with similar characteristics and furnishing, for the student in the event of emergency (unforeseen and obstructive construction in the apartment, etc) rendering their apartment inadequate within 24 hours.

    • Lost or non-returned Keys: A fifty Euro (50€) charge will be made for non-returned or lost keys. Such charges may be assessed at any time during the student’s residence.

    • Occupancy: The space (room?) assignment will be made later by SHR in accordance with the request.

    • Cancellation prior to occupancy: Any student who wishes to cancel this agreement must do so by written notice received by SHR not later than 10 days prior to occupancy. If notice of cancellation is received less than 10 days prior to start date, regardless of student’s application date, a charge of 50% of the fee will be assessed. regardless if the space was actually moved into.

    • Joint responsibility: If the space is assigned to more than one student, each shall be responsible for his/her own housing payments, but all shall be responsible jointly and severally for such damage beyond reasonable wear and tear, and cost of repairs may be assessed.